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Brașov - the ideal destination for a successful holiday regardless of the season

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Located at the foot of the Tâmpa hill, the city of Brașov is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Romania. Whether you choose to visit it for a weekend or want to spend a few more days in this gorgeous city full of history, you will definitely not get bored! The mixture of old and new, beautifully interwoven, allows you to leave your car in one of the many parking lots set up around the historic pedestrian center, so that you can enjoy all the beauties that the city can offer you, on foot, among the streets full of history.

What can you visit in Brașov?

Piața Sfatului, the symbol of Brașov, located in the old center of the city.

If you choose to start your day with a coffee on one of the many terraces that you will find in the Square, you will be able to enjoy some peace and quiet, and if you want to take a walk in the afternoon, when you will most likely be surrounded by many tourists from all corners of the world, you will definitely be charged with positive energy. And of course in the evening you can dine at one of the restaurants in the Square.

The Black Church, located right in Piața Sfatului, is considered the largest church in Romania, with a length of approximately 90 meters.

The parish church of the Evangelical Lutheran community in Brașov got this name after the fire of 1689, when its walls were smoked by the flames.

You can marvel at its grandeur from the outside or enter to admire an impressive collection of oriental rugs, second only to Turkey in size, or a magnificent organ.

The Rope Street

With a length of 80 meters and a width that varies between 111 and 135 centimeters, The Rope Street quickly became a very popular tourist attraction in Brașov. If this statistic did not convince you, I’ll also tell you that it is known as the narrowest street on the European continent!

The Rope Street in Brașov

First Romanian School

Walking through the cobbled streets full of history in the old center, you will be able to discover the first Romanian School, where students could participate in courses taught in Romanian language since 1583.

The park in front of the City Hall

It is not a tourist attraction in itself, but if you arrive in Brașov in the spring, I would recommend you to take a walk through the park in front of the City Hall, among the thousands of multicolored tulips. You will find the park equally beautiful in autumn, when the carpet of leaves spread among the alleys will send you thinking of childhood and the rustling that we probably all did, as if in spite of our parents.

The Zoo in Brașov

We have made it a habit to visit the zoos in any city we go to. We didn't miss the one here either, and right we did, because it exceeded our expectations. It's laid out differently than other zoos I've visited around the country, and walking through and over the animal cages is a different experience.

Poiana Brașov

Less than 15 km from the city of Brașov, you will find Poiana Brașov, which should not be missed, especially if you arrive in the area in winter. Here you will find one of the most famous ski slopes in Romania, so for lovers of winter sports it is on the top of the “to do list”. If you are not passionate about winter sports, as we are not, you can enjoy a walk in the fresh air or a mulled wine at the base of the slope.

Where can you stay in Brașov?

Being a tourist town, the palette is very varied from this point of view. Depending on your budget, you can look for accommodation in the historic center, to fully feel the vibe of the old town, or you can spend a few nights at a hotel or guesthouse a little further from the center, but with a lower budget. However you prefer, I assure you that you have plenty to choose from!

Why do we always come back here?

For us, perhaps also because of the distance from home, Brașov is the location we run to whenever we feel like going to the mountains, whether it's for a day or a weekend. I hope you find the article useful and the next time you want to "run away from home" maybe you will consider having a coffee in the Old Town of Brașov!

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